Pocatello Parks & Recreation Memorial Bench, Tables & Tree Donation Program

Memorial Bench, Tables & Tree Donation Program

Memorial Bench, Tables & Tree Donation Program

Give a gift of green and shade or a place to stop and rest. Memorial donations include select tree species, picnic tables and park benches.

Picnic Table

Spruce Picnic Table

Powder-coated surface for polished longevity in 8-foot lengths. Approved table coloring is a black base with blue top.

Picnic tables will be placed in pavilions, Zoo Idaho or Ross Park Aquatic Complex. Other requests will be at the discretion of the director.


Various Types Available

Our staff will assist with selection and location within your favorite park. For best success, memorial trees will be planted in the spring or fall of each year.

Tree size will be approximately 1.5-inch caliper. Any plaques requested will require prior approval. The department is not responsible for replacement of plaques for any reason.

See the Master List of Acceptable Trees.


Mountain Maple Metal Bench
$1,700 – $2,300

This metal bench provides a classic, smooth look. The bench comes with an option to be personalized with a simple laser-cut custom logo or a 1.75-inch by 7-inch plate. Available in 4-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot options.

Approved colors in department amenities is copper vein and the Ross Park Aquatic Complex permits blue ribbon benches.


The Pocatello Parks & Recreation Department will be responsible for the maintenance and replacement of memorial trees, benches, and picnic tables for five years after installation. The department has the right to remove any item that becomes damaged or degenerates to disrepair and will not be held responsible for replacement five years after installation.