Ross Park Aquatic Complex Frequently Asked Questions

Ross Park Aquatic Complex in Pocatello, Idaho

Are water wings allowed?

We do not permit any inflatable flotation devices; Idaho State Code allows us to choose whether we allow flotation devices or not.  Well-fitted life jackets and puddle jumpers are permitted under the supervision of an adult.  For your convenience, we do rent life jackets for $5 with collateral.

Why are lazy river tubes allowed? They are filled with air.

The lazy river tubes are commercial-grade material and are designed to not deflate rapidly.

Are noodles allowed?

They are allowed but only in certain pools.  The main and activity pools have larger surface areas, and noodles do not present an issue.  The kiddie pool and lazy river are busy attractions; therefore, noodles are not allowed.  Please Note: Noodles are not considered a flotation device and should not be used as such. Lifeguards reserve the right to ask that noodles not be used due to crowded conditions.

Is diving allowed?

No, most pools are too shallow for diving; therefore, for easier regulation, there is no diving anywhere.  Diving could cause serious head, neck, and back injuries.  We also do not allow flips or twists from the side.

I just want to watch my child. Can I enter the facility to watch them?

No, our policy is that everyone must pay to enter the complex.  We have a set of viewing bleachers by the main pool for those who do not want to pay.

If I exit the facility, can I re-enter at a later time?

Yes, please get a hand stamp on your way out of the facility.  Without a hand stamp you will not be allowed to enter without paying again.

Do you have a maximum capacity?

Our pools have enough capacity to hold more than 1,600 swimmers in pool areas alone.  In addition, we have grass areas and buildings that further increase our capacity.  Although we are busy, we have never reached capacity.

I have a swim diaper. Why must I also purchase a plastic pant?

Swim diapers were a great invention because they are waterproof and prevent the diaper from disintegrating, but they do not hold their contents well.   As a secondary measure, plastic pants are required to be worn over all swim diapers. This helps to prevent contamination, which can prompt pool closures.

Plastic Pants Facts

  • Plastic pants are not a substitute for swim diapers.  We require all people not potty trained to wear plastic pants over and in addition to a swim diaper.
  • Plastic pants are relatively inexpensive and are reusable. (Just wash and reuse; please don't dry.)
  • We conveniently sell plastic pants at the cashier booth. They are sized by weight.  We do not carry adult sizes.
  • Plastic pants have been shown to significantly reduce the number of pool closures due to contamination and also has a significant impact on reducing communicable diseases that can be spread through fecal contamination.

A pool just closed for contamination. Now what?

The contaminated pool will re-open once we have treated the affected area. Treatment can include letting the pool cycle through the filters for 30-45 minutes, or we may have to shock a pool with chemical, which could also take 30-45 minutes. In extreme cases, some contamination can close a pool for the day. Thankfully, there are other pools that you can utilize until the contaminated pool re-opens. We do not issue refunds for pool contamination.

Can I bring my own food in to the facility?

Yes, you can bring in coolers with food and drinks.  The only limitations are that no glass containers or alcohol are allowed.  We do have vending machines and a concession stand with options for purchasing food as well.

Are barbecue grills allowed?

Barbecue grills are not allowed in the facility.  You may use them in the park area but are not allowed for the safety of everyone.

There is bad weather. Can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer rain checks or refunds for weather-related conditions. We caution people prior to entering if the weather is taking a turn for the worse.

What is your weather policy?

When our lightning detector sounds an alarm, all patrons must immediately move into the building.  If the alarm has not cleared after a half hour, the staff will then make one of the following decisions: 

  • Wait longer (if weather seems to be clearing).
  • Temporarily close the pool with an attempted reopening time.
  • Close the pool for the day.

We attempt to open the pool every day; however, cooler temperatures and/or high winds may cause closures.  Please call the Ross Park Weather Line at 208-234-0472 and follow the prompts.

Why does Ross Park Aquatic Complex close before Labor Day?

The personnel who operates our seasonal facility consists mostly of high school or college-age staff, so once school resumes, we do not have the number of staff needed to operate the facility.

Why is the water slide gone, and what is planned?

The water slide was demolished in April 2023 after sitting non-operational for several years.  In the spring of 2020 the stairs were deemed unsafe, and the whole slide was condemned for safety.  Thanks to a generous private donation and an anticipated allocation of funds by the City Council, a new water slide could possibly be installed by the summer of 2025.  Please watch for more information to come in the near future.