Pocatello Animal Services Ordinances

Dangerous Dog

The ordinances that govern the possession and treatment of animals within the City of Pocatello are presented in City Ordinance 6.04 – Animal Services. A few notable ordinances are highlighted below.

Dangerous Animals

City Ordinance 6.04.050 – Dangerous Conduct by Animals Prohibited; Penalties

A. Dangerous Conduct By Animal Prohibited: The owner or custodian of any animal which commits any of the acts defined in this chapter as "dangerous" may be cited for a misdemeanor and the Animal Services Department may seize and impound the animal until the matter has been adjudicated. The conduct shall not be deemed dangerous if the victim (person, domestic animal, or livestock) was committing a tort against the animal's owner/custodian, or committing a trespass or other tort on the premises of the animal's owner/custodian. Specifically prohibited are the following acts:

  1. If unprovoked by teasing, taunting, or a threatening manner by any person, approaching said person in an apparent attitude of attack upon the streets, sidewalks, public grounds or places, common areas within subdivisions or mobile home or recreational vehicle parks, common grounds of apartment buildings, condominiums, or townhouse developments, or private property not solely owned or possessed by the owner or custodian of the animal; or
  2. Biting, inflicting injury, assaulting, or otherwise attacking a human being or domestic animal or livestock without justifiable provocation.

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Animal Tethering

On April 23, 2012, the City of Pocatello enacted an ordinance restricting the tethering of dogs. It is very important that dog owners be aware of the details of the dog tethering ordinance. Violations of the ordinance are misdemeanors.

City Ordinance 6.04.120 – Proper Care of Animals

F. It shall be unlawful for the owner/guardian of any animal to keep or maintain any animal on a fixed point tether or chain for a period of more than three (3) continuous hours and no more than six (6) hours combined in any twenty-four (24) hour period.

Diagram illustrating how to properly tether a dog
  1. The chain or tether must be at least ten feet (10') in length and placed in an area to prevent the animal from becoming tangled with any item or other animal in its surrounding area or able to leave its property. The chain or tether must be situated where it prevents the animal from reaching a fence or sidewalk.
  2. No chain or tether shall weigh more than one-eighth (1/8) of the animal's body weight.
  3. Any chain or tether must have swivels on both ends and be attached to a properly fitted buckle type collar or harness worn by the animal. Choke chains or pinch collars are prohibited for purposes of tethering an animal.
  4. Any female animal in estrus (heat) must not be chained or tethered at any time.
  5. Exception: An animal may be restrained by a chain or tether up to eight (8) hours, provided the chain or tether is at least ten feet (10') in length attached to a pulley or trolley mounted on a cable which is also at least ten feet (10') in length, and mounted no more than seven feet (7') above ground.
  6. Regardless of the above provisions, no animal that has been convicted of being a dangerous animal, regardless of the form of the judgment, may be chained or tethered outside and left alone for any amount of time without an adult present and the animal muzzled.

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