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About the Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission was established by Ordinance 2149 on March 7, 1985. The commission is authorized to conduct a survey of local historic properties; recommend methods and procedures to preserve, restore, maintain, and operate historic properties under the ownership or control of the City; recommend the lease, sale, other transfer or disposition of historic properties; participate in the conduct of land use, urban renewal and other planning processes undertaken by governmental agencies; recommend ordinances and provide information for the purposes of historic preservation; promote and conduct an educational program on historic preservation; and review and act upon applications for permits for building alteration, new construction, or demolition within designated historic districts. The Commission also plays a vital role in the City's downtown revitalization efforts. Seven members are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council. Members serve 3-year terms and up to 2 members may be non-residents of the City of Pocatello.


To apply for an advisory committee vacancy please fill out and submit an Advisory Committee Application. For additional questions send us an email.


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