City of Pocatello Lead Safe & Healthy Homes Program

What is the Lead Safe & Healthy Homes Program?

Working Toward a Lead-Safe Pocatello

TOXIC LEAD may be lurking in your home. Did you know that out of the 22,000+ housing units in Pocatello, over 11,000 homes were built before 1978 and may contain toxic, lead-based paint? If not tested for and removed, lead paint can lead to serious health issues. We can help make repairs to your home to make it lead safe for you and your family.

Happy family with lead-free home standing next to Healthy Homer

Get the Lead Out!

Lead is a naturally occurring element that has been used in a wide variety of products including pipes and plumbing materials, gasoline, and paint. While lead has beneficial uses, it can be toxic to humans—especially young children.

Although lead-based paint is no longer used, older homes built before 1978 may have peeling or chipping lead-based paint. Through a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the City of Pocatello operates a Lead Safe & Healthy Homes (LSHH) program. This program is FREE to qualified homeowners and renters aiming to reduce childhood lead poisoning by creating lead-safe housing.

Eligibility Requirements

Although there is NO COST to participate in the Lead Safe & Healthy Homes program, the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  • Applicants must live in a home constructed prior to 1978.
  • There must be a child age 5 or under living in the home OR
    a pregnant woman living in the home OR
    a child age 5 or under who spends a significant amount of time in the home—at least 6 hours per week, 10 weeks per year.
  • The home must be within Pocatello city limits.
  • The members of the household must meet low-income guidelines, as determined by the federal government.

Lead Safe & Healthy Homes is open to owner occupied housing, rental housing, and multifamily rental housing. For rental housing, eligibility requirements must be met by the renter(s) and both the landlord and the renter(s) must submit applications.


“Not sure if you’ve been by since the project at our home was finished, but we are ecstatic about it! It looks so great! And it SO relieving to have no threats of lead poisoning! Many thanks to you and your program for making this happen!” – Jordan

“I would like others to know just how helpful and kind the staff with Lead Safe & Healthy Homes are, along with their carpenters! I am so happy that my new windows will keep my grandchildren safe and save me money on my heating and cooling bills. Going through this process was really wonderful, and the team even uncovered that one of my windows was leaking and replaced the sheet rock and fixed the issues. Thank you so much for all you do – I am so happy I was eligible to be a part of this grant!!” – Karen

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