Bike Index

About Bike Index

The Pocatello Police Department has partnered with Bike Index, the most widely used and successful bicycle registration service in the world. Registering your bike(s) with Bike Index greatly increases your chances of recovering your lost or stolen bicycle by sharing its identifying information with thousands of participating riders, bike shops, pawn shops, law enforcement agencies, and other partners.

Bike Index

Why register with Bike Index?

Police officers recover numerous lost and stolen bicycles each year.  Bike Index helps connect you to your recovered bike. Bike Index partners can look up the serial numbers of recovered bicycles and notify their owners through their Bike Index accounts.

Does registering my stolen bike with Bike Index notify the Pocatello Police Department?

NO. Registering your stolen bike with Bike Index does not generate a notification to the Pocatello Police Department. You must file a crime report to inform the police of lost or stolen property.  However, registering with Bike Index does allow Pocatello Police officers and other Bike Index partners to look up the serial number of your recovered bike so that you can be notified. They can also see if the bike has been marked as stolen.

How to register with Bike Index

Fill out the appropriate form below depending on whether your bike has been stolen or not. Be sure to upload a photo.  You will receive an email from Bike Index asking you to confirm your registration in the system.  Follow the confirmation instructions to activate your account.  You can add more bikes under your account or add more pictures of your bike’s distinguishing features.

Where is your bike’s serial number?

On most bicycles, the serial number is engraved on the bottom bracket.  Just turn your bike over and look between the pedals.  Some bikes have multiple sets of numbers.  It is best to enter each set of numbers/letters followed by a space between each group.

Register your NON-STOLEN bike

Register your STOLEN bike