Pocatello Police Community Services

Pocatello Police Community Services Coordinator


Safety Presentations

The Pocatello Police Department promotes education of the community in how to prevent crime. To achieve this, the Community Services Coordinator is available to perform presentations and trainings on home & personal safety, internet safety, preventing fraud & identity theft, retail crime prevention and other crime prevention topics. Security surveys for your business and home are available to identify ways to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a crime.

Station tours and presentations need to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance by contacting William Brown at 208-234-6131 or by email. William Brown serves as the Community Services Coordinator for the Pocatello Police Department.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Pocatello Police Department volunteer program seeks to enhance the crime prevention efforts of the Police Department, as well as to enhance safety of our community.  Volunteers serve in a variety of roles within the department such as greeting the public at the department front desk, shuttling vehicles for maintenance, neighborhood radar speed checking and traffic control for special events, and cleaning up graffiti in the community.


Applicants should have a few hours each week or month to volunteer. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, and free from any recent major or habitual violations of the law, including drug use or possession, or any other activities or associations that would affect credibility as a representative of the Pocatello Police Department. Applicants must not have been convicted of a felony. Other criminal convictions or driving offenses may also be grounds for rejection. Applicants must be in good physical health.

To apply, contact the Community Services Coordinator at 208-234-6131 or by email.