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Pocatello Police Ordinance Enforcement Hotline


Pocatello Police Department Code Enforcement Hotline
Pocatello Police Report Portal
Pocatello Connect Mobile App

Three methods are available for reporting ordinance violations to the Pocatello Police Department: (1) the Ordinance Enforcement Hotline, (2) the Police Report portal, and (3) the Pocatello Connect mobile app.

Please keep in mind that although most cases are resolved in a matter of weeks, it can be several months before a property comes into compliance. Information on individual ordinances is available in the City of Pocatello Code.

Ordinance Enforcement Hotline

The Ordinance Enforcement Hotline is for residents who wish to communicate ordinance violation information over the phone. Please call at 208-234-6287.

Police Report Portal

The Police Report Portal offers a way for residents to submit ordinance violation information through web forms. Available reports include abandoned vehicles, animal problems, graffiti, suspicious drug activity, and general ordinance violations.

Police reports may be submitted anonymously and no account creation is required.

Pocatello Connect Mobile App

The Pocatello Connect mobile app is available to residents who want to report ordinance violations on their mobile devices. Don't want to use the app? Just click the "Create" tab in the widget below and follow the instructions.

Please provide the address of the property in question and a description of your concern. Your name and contact information is required, but your personal information will not be made public. It is only necessary so that we can contact you if we have further questions.