City of Pocatello Comprehensive Plan

City of Pocatello Comprehensive Plan
The City is engaged in a two-year long effort to develop and collaborate with the community to create Pocatello’s Comprehensive Plan 2040. For additional information on this effort, please visit

Our Valley Our Vision Comprehensive Plan Update, City of Pocatello Comprehensive Plan 2015 Update

Idaho Code Title 67
State Government and State Affairs
Chapter 65

67-6508. Planning duties. It shall be the duty of the planning or planning and zoning commission to conduct a comprehensive planning process designed to prepare, implement, and review and update a comprehensive plan, hereafter referred to as the plan. The plan shall include all land within the jurisdiction of the governing board. The plan shall consider previous and existing conditions, trends, compatibility of land uses, desirable goals and objectives, or desirable future situations for each planning component. The plan with maps, charts, and reports shall be based on the following components as they may apply to land use regulations and actions unless the plan specifies reasons why a particular component is unneeded.

NOTE: If you would like to make comments on the updated Comprehensive Plan please email us your comments.

Comprehensive Plan


This file contains a majority of the edits completed throughout this initial stage of this update process. Some additional edits have taken place based on comments provided during the 3 open houses and 13 public meetings over the past 3 years that are not included in this draft and were not tracked due to the change in format and software used. A visual comparison of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan and the proposed draft may define those edits.