Pocatello Modification/Termination of No-Contact Order

Do you want to modify or terminate a no-contact order?

The Court requires the following take place:

  1. Call Family Services Alliance at 208-232-0742 to schedule an appointment for an intake to attend Safety Planning (5-week course at no charge):

    Family Services Alliance
    355 South Arthur
    Pocatello, ID 83204
    Phone: 208-232-0742 (During business hours)
    Phone: 208-251-4357 (208-251-HELP) (24-hour Crisis Line)

  2. Go to the Court Services/Probation Office to fill out a petition to modify/revoke a no-contact order:

    Court Services (Probation Office)
    746 East Lander Street
    Phone: 208-236-7085 or 208-236-7083

  3. Take the petition to the following place to have signed and notarized:

    • Defendant cited in City limits:
      Becky Rodriguez Victim Witness Coordinator
      911 S 7th
      Phone: 208-234-6121

    • Defendant cited out of City limits:
      Terresa Wilson, Victim Witness Coordinator
      624 East Center (Courthouse)
      2nd Floor Prosecutor's Office
      Phone: 208-236-7280
  4. Take the signed and notarized petition to the Judge's Deputy Clerk and it will be set for a hearing within 14 days. You can petition the Court at any time to modify or terminate a no-contact order.

Attending the 5-week course does not guarantee the dismissal of a no-contact order. If you have questions, please contact Danika Chapple, Bannock County Domestic Violence Court Coordinator at 208-236-7421.

More Information on No-Contact Orders

See the no-contact order page for more information on how they are ordered and specific statutes that are directly related.