Pocatello Fire Department Special Operations

Idaho Technical Rescue – Task Force 3A

The Idaho Technical Rescue Team is comprised of members from the Pocatello Fire Department and the Idaho Falls Fire Department. The team has capabilities to respond to high-angle rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse, and confined-space incidents. The team is credentialed as a Type II Collapse Search and Rescue Team under FEMA’s guidelines.

Hazardous Materials Response Team – Region 6

The Pocatello Fire Department provides Hazardous Materials Response for all of Southeast Idaho. The team is comprised of Hazardous Materials Technicians and Specialists. The team responds to various hazards, including WMD and terrorist events, water contamination, mass decontamination, and other events. The team is credentialed as a Type I HazMat Entry Team under FEMA’s guidelines.

Airport Fire Station

The airport has two Oshkosh Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles. The airport station covers all flights in and out of Pocatello. The Pocatello Airport is the diversion airport for Salt Lake City during bad weather or emergency landings. The fire station also has an aircraft training prop for live-fire training to certify with the FAA.