Pocatello Kennel & Livestock Permits

Pocatello Animal Shelter Education Center


The City of Pocatello requires the following animal permits to keep animals within city limits. Each permit requires neighbor signatures and our the Animal Services department staff can provide animal owners an Arc-View or aerial map of your neighborhood showing which homes are in the required area for signatures.

Multiple Animal Housing Permit (PDF)
Required if you have more than 2 dogs or more than 5 cats in your home

  • Permit is renewable each year in May
  • Fee is $25 first year, $10 renewal, $15 if renewed late (after May 31)

Livestock Permit (PDF)
Required to own any farm type of animal including pigs, goats, horses, cows, or any type of this size

  • Renewable each year from inception
  • Fee is $50 first year, $25 renewal
  • Each permit allows 2 animals

Other-than-Livestock Permit (PDF)
For small livestock such as rabbits and chickens or other poultry

  • Renewable each year from inception
  • Fee is $5 per animal

Please contact the City of Pocatello Animal Shelter at 208-234-6156 for more information.